Pamela - Porto

A slim tapered leg, high-rise jean made from non-stretch 100% cotton for human bodies with waists substantially smaller than hips. Designed specifically to eliminate gapping at the waistband while remaining fitted through the waist and in the hip. An exposed five button fly and rigid denim feel. We’d say these were how jeans used to be made, but the truth is, no one thought to make them like this.


13 oz. Italian denim

12” rise

30” inseam

Tapered leg

Contrast topstitching in ochre

Handmade in Portugal

Size Chart

Please Note: It's very important that your measurements are taken accurately before ordering. Please visit our Fit Guide before you make your selection!

The size chart below reflects the garment measurements, and should be slightly smaller than your body measurements. They will relax with wear.


Care Instructions

Wash only when necessary using gentle detergent. Lay flat or hang to dry, never wring.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Near perfect

I just returned them and am sizing down from a 32 to a 31. I put on the jeans and near perfect they were. It fit like a glove… from my hips down. Still I see a gap at the waist. It was about a two inch gap and I know I can’t size down to a 30 based on previous trial and error endeavors. Currently I have a 34 in Bonnie Taper, that I’m forced to keep because I was stubborn and determined to believe I can make it fit. Unfortunately after a week of wear I think that my hips will just continue to be flattened out, and the waist bunches over because I spent the first day trying to get the fit past a mid-rise(I was able to button them all the way up even though they sat lower). Hard to explain but basically the waist band was at my hips and when I finally wore them in and was able to pull them all the way up, it fits just kind of awful and sags and a belt doesn’t really help unfortunately. Its hard, the quality of denim is amazing and soft. But, at the price they’re at (as someone who isn’t versed in altering their own clothes), I can’t say I think it’s worth it to buy a bigger size just to pay someone to alter it after. Madewell curvy line has done pretty well for me lasts forever even with elastane in their jeans, I just was looking for sustainably and ethically made. I’m hoping the size down closes the gap enough for these, if not I’m going to have to take a gamble and try to sell them to make at least some of my money back. I bought them during the box sale so I am only able to exchange them/get store credit.

i just don’t know 🥲

the quality absolutely amazing. the fit unfortunately just didn’t hit. in all honestly i could maybe size down from 32 to 31. I have a 32inch waist 46 inch hips, 27 inch thighs and 17 inch calves. i put them and they fit just barely snug but the waist tight at my stomach, 3 finger gap from my back. Based on my fit and others experiences of struggling to get them on i could probably size down but im honestly not even sure it would help such a big gap. I can feel it’s the denim pulling around my calves and thighs but nothing to drastic. I didn’t struggle to get them on at all. At this point i can only exchange but i might just resell because i don’t know that it would be any better of a fit at my waist considering last year i bought a pair 28 (too small) when i was thinner and had the same gap issue. The denim is so soft and i would be so happy if the fit would do it’s thing and fit. After about 10’minutes of ware though the jeans have significantly relaxed and my butt has gotten some of its shape back. Best of luck to everyone out there. Maybe one day i’ll get a passport and try them on in store.

Love the final result!

It took a little bit to find the right fit. I was on border of Bonnie vs Pamela. I ended up with Pamela 28 (5’2” 145lb) and I love the current fit. The customer service was helpful to try to find a better fit when the size the fit finder recommended was wrong. It would be nice if returns were free because it did take some trial and error to find the right size even with the fit finder recommendation.

Trust the fit calculator

I was a bit skeptical about fit as jeans are always a struggle but the size guide worked! I am about halfway through the break in period and so far so good! Truly tapered leg too which is a treat as sizing up for hips often leaves my ankles baggier as well :)

Anna P.
Best fitting pair of jeans

Best fitting pair of jeans I've EVER owned. I want more colors and I hope there will be even more options in the future. I also had a wonderful experience with their customer care team when I exchanged sizes.