Alex – Sintra

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The perfect unisex jeans. These are slim but not too skinny and the rise is literal perfection (a tucked shirt has never looked so good) We're changing minds about unisex clothing, one pair of jeans at a time.

Morgan - 29

Riley - 32

Ezra - 34

Bronson - 30

Alexandre - 33


100% cotton
13 oz. Italian denim
Mid-rise 10"
Slim, tapered leg
Covered button fly
Handmade in Portugal

Size Chart

Please Note: It's very important that your measurements are taken accurately before ordering. Please visit our Fit Guide before you make your selection!

The size chart below is the garment measurements, and should be slightly smaller than your body measurements.


Care Instructions

Wash only when necessary using gentle detergent. Lay flat or hang to dry, never wring.  

Fit Notes

These jeans will relax up to a full size. The first try will be quite tight, and will open up after some wear. Please remember that it will take a little bit of time to work these in, but it's worth every minute. We only use 100% cotton denim with no elastane, so please allow some time for these to reach their final form. Our fit guide is very helpful so please read carefully! Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Customer Reviews

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Arianna J.
Only heade

Only heade

Heather M.

My first pair of jeans that fit well, and I love that they are ethically made! :sparkling_heart:

Catherine F.
Excellent experience and product

Initially wanted the Bonnie’s for the style, but my ratio is best suited for the Alex. I am really happy I went with the Alex, because they fit my body like a glove. Was initially put off by the mid-rise description, but in my size and on my body they fit high-rise. Decade’s customer service was top notch and very thoughtful. They really helped get me into the perfect pair! So happy with this purchase.

Sarah V.
Hmmm Not Sure

I've been breaking in my Alex jeans over a month now and am still pretty unsure about my purchase.

I took the assessment and even checked in with a fit specialist, and both came back with Alex 29 or 30. I opted for 30 so that it would be a more relaxed fit. Flashforward a month and I'm still struggling to get the crotch up. While the booty and waist fit well, the pants can't seem to get up my thighs (my thighs having always been a problem with jeans, I'm an ex-rugby player so....). I can't help wondering whether a curvier fit would have worked better for me despite my ratio (or at least looked less awkward on me, the low crotch thing on such tight and high waisted jeans is annoying), and I also have a noticeable gap around the waist.

*Sighhhh all in all I'm not sure I'd purchase again, though I love everything this company stands for and produces. I think I probably should have realized this would happen as I really wasn't sure I liked the look of the fit of the Alex jean on any of the models that weren't super slime, either on their website or Instagram. I chalked it up to needing a hem job and breaking in period but now I think there's just something off about the Alex fit.

Karri-Lynn D.
The best!

Found decade on tiktok and decided to order a pair. I absolutely love my new jeans! Very snug, at first and need to broken but absolutely worth it. I think I’ll order a pair in black soon!

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