Bonnie - Porto

The Bonnie jeans are where the Ratio-Fit concept all began. We've all experienced the dreaded gap at the waist, and after years of development, we can honestly say that these jeans are going to blow your mind.


100% cotton
13 oz. Italian denim
Super-high 12" rise
Straight, relaxed leg
Exposed button fly
Handmade in Portugal

Size Chart

Please Note: It's very important that your measurements are taken accurately before ordering. Please visit our Fit Guide before you make your selection!

The size chart below reflects the garment measurements, and should be smaller than your body measurements. There should be approximately 1-2" of negative ease on these jeans.


Care Instructions

Wash only when necessary using gentle detergent. Lay flat or hang to dry, never wring.  

Fit Notes

These jeans will relax up to a full size. The first try will be quite tight, and will open up after some wear. Please remember that it will take a little bit of time to work these in, but it's worth every minute. We only use 100% cotton denim with no elastane, so please allow some time for these to reach their final form. Our fit guide is very helpful so please read carefully! Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Sophia A.
Wanted them to fit

I took the size guide and got recommended for Alex Jeans. However I wanted the leg fit of Bonnie Porto. I wish there was a size guide that transcends across all styles. If you’re this size in Alex, order this size in Bonnie. Etc. They were sadly too small :( but felt amazing quality wise

Nikaiya T.
Dream Jeans!

These jeans are a dream!! Trust the process. They will soften and loosen in all the right places, it’s hard to imagine when you’re in the store and they’re so tight but they fit me so well now.

I bought mine and they dug in a fair bit at the waist which was making me super unsure. When I got home I dipped the waist band in water, on Mollys recommendation, and put them on while I did some chores. In 2 hours the waist band was dry and fit perfectly. The jeans were comfy enough to wear around and sit down in! Now with more wears they’ve settled in so nicely!! Trust Molly’s size advice and the process, they’ll soften beautifully and water helps a ton!

Carrie Z.

So impressed. Really pleased with the fit, break-in and the length!

Jesse H.
Second pair of Bonnies! They are amazing.

These are perfect! I have Bonnie tapers in 33 and they fit but they are definitely a tight/fitted look (the taper is more tapered than I expected!). When I decided to get an un-tapered pair in Porto, I chose to size up to 34 because I wanted a more casual/comfortable fit. They are AMAZING! There is still a break-in period, of course, but these are the perfect summer jean. I love the extra room in the leg and can't wait until the hips break in!

Alice C.
Use the size guide

I initially used the size guide and was under the impression that my new jeans were too loose because I saw some reviews saying they should be difficult to do up at first. The new jeans fit too well, only slightly tight, so I exchanged for one size down in the waist. Big mistake! I was totally unable to break them in though I tried for months.

Eventually I gave in and just reordered the initial size recommended and they fit amazing after the break-in period. They stretched slightly, mainly in the waist. But because the shape fits my body better than most jeans, there there isn't an unflattering waist gap - the silhouette is the same and shirts tuck in more comfortably. I will definitely be getting these in a second colour.

My point is: trust the size guide!

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