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The style that started it all

We've done the research. Nothing compares to these jeans. We use data collected from hundreds of bodies from our community to develop the absolute PERFECT fit for those who struggle to find jeans. The waist to hip ratio on these jeans is higher than the industry standard fit model, so it hugs curves and snaps in at the waist for a custom-feel for the first time ever.


Note: The Bonnie Taper is a variation on the Bonnie jeans with a perfect tapered leg. A photo of this style can be seen on the line sheet.

Size: 26 Height: 5'10"   ↓

Size: 30 Height: 5'4"   ↓

Size: 34 Height: 5'9"   ↓

Size: 36 Height: 5'1"   ↓