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To the Decade Community,

I want to express my gratitude for being part of my journey and supporting me season after season. Although smaller in scale, this season's release signifies intentional growth.

In the face of some growing pains and challenges over the years, I've learned important lessons. To ensure sustainability, I've decided to return to more thoughtful, smaller volume collections. This could result in some early sell-through in certain sizes, which I know can be a pain from a customer perspective but it reflects my commitment to disciplined and sustainable growth for my small business.

This drop is a source of pride, and credit goes to our hardworking team in Portugal. Our aim is to create clothing that stands up to daily wear and aligns with our values of sustainability and ethical practices.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Whether you're a long-time supporter or new to our community, welcome to our corner of the slow fashion world.

With heartfelt thanks,