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If you were with us in the spring of 2021 you probably noticed we made some pretty big moves in our size range. We went from our original range 25-38 all the way to 25-50 in one big step. I don’t want to understate how big this step was. I did a full year of R&D and fittings to develop our extended size range and it's really painful to watch something you care so much about fizzle out. I really care about representation and really believe in this product. We continued to order the 25-50 size range for 3 seasons and we hit a breaking point with our budget. The extended sizes simply aren't selling. That said: We still have lots of extended sizes in stock, so if you're intersted in buying your size click here to browse our styles that are offered in extended sizes. As a tiny operation, we have to make impossibly tough decisions on a daily basis. After several seasons of gathering sell-through data it's very clear that we have to make a big change. So, moving ahead: in the first season of offering a new product we have to stay as conservative as possible with our size range to test out the market, and if the product performs well, we will slowly expand the size range. It’s important to gauge demand in order to expand strategically, so if you’re looking for a specific style/wash in a specific size please submit your demand ticket here!

This hurts to not only admit this failure but to roll out publicly. We truly thought we had something really revolutionary, but it seems that it was the wrong product at the wrong time. We’re going to take some time and I’m going to listen to anyone who feels like chatting about why the product isn't viable. Please feel free to send your thoughts here. Your information will never be shared and it's for internal use only. To be clear: This is not the end of our size expansion but just part of the journey! I learned so much over the extension of our size range and I can now confidently apply that knowledge to a slower, more thoughtful roll-out for new sizes and more easy-to-wear styles. I truly believe that everyone should have access to ethically made denim but there is a glaring disconnect that I need to correct.

So here’s what we’re doing:

I’m going to take some time with a more strategic approach. We have some new styles in the works for SS23, including a re-introduction of size 40 (and hopefully 42!) We are completely revising our size chart across all styles to promote a more confident purchase online and in-store at any size. And, we’re introducing some soft, relaxed and adjustable styles for a more comfortable experience during periods of measurement fluctuation.

I hope you stay with us as we move through this evolution of the brand. It's been a pleasure and a journey expanding my size range and I’m looking forward to the new chapter.