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01. Wash

Our jeans are machine washable. We recommend washing only when necessary, as water and agitation help break down fibres more quickly than they need to be. Always wash inside out in cold water, and hang to dry.

02. Repair 

We use 100% cotton denim for several reasons. One of those reasons is that it is totally repairable. Have you ever tried to repair a crotch hole on a pair of stretchy jeans, only to have them tear again immediately? We have too. This is why: When you introduce elastane into a cotton yarn it compromises the strength of the yarn. Cotton is very strong naturally and elastane is weak. It snaps very quickly leaving a saggy and less strong cotton fibre. When you stitch a repair onto a pair of jeans that use elastane (even 1%) the elastane snaps at the repair line and tears away. When you repair 100% cotton denim it is a long-lasting repair because the cotton fibre will actually be reinforced.

03. Recycle

It's a little known fact that 100% cotton denim is recyclable! The scraps from our production house are donated to a facility nearby that breaks them down to the fibre and repurposes the cotton as insulation for homes and cars. You can also donate your cotton jeans to a facility in Arizona that does the same thing. Read more about them here.