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Our best-selling style made using non-stretch 100% cotton with a covered button fly. A modern silhouette: fitted at the waist, then relaxed through the hip and leg. A slouchy fit that requires no break-in period. You haven't had these your whole life, it just feels that way.

These jeans are true to size. We recommend purchasing the size that corresponds with your waist measurement; for instance, if your waist measures 29", go for size 29. If you prefer a looser slouchy look please size up.

Hannah wears size 27. Height: 5'9", waist: 27", Hip: 38"

Jenie wears size 40. Height: 5'8", waist: 41", Hip: 49"

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13.5oz denim, 100% cotton, made in Portugal.

Machine wash inside-out in cold water, hang to dry

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

First time ordering from decade studio & I will definitely be ordering from them again! Great quality fabric, beautiful construction, lovely fit.

Good quality.

Love the quality of these jeans but definitely ordered the wrong size. For reference I'm 5'11", have curvy hips and usually wear a 28/28 Tall(aka 29) but most of my jeans have a decent amount of stretch. When I measured my waist it was 29". Based on this I figured a size 29 would fit perfectly but since these jeans are 100 percent cotton I was worried they would be uncomfortable to sit/lounge in (this has been my experience with other pure cotton jeans from other brands). I'm at the point in my life where I don't want to be squeezed and pinched in the huha by jeans so I went up a size and got the 30. I was hoping they'd be perfectly 'slouched' but instead I'm swimming in them. Even with a belt they are just huge and unflattering on me, which I am a little surprised. And of course they're final sale, so whoops! Happy to admit that it's on me, but I'm pretty sad about it because they're nice jeans and as a tall girly they're a nice length. In summary, if it's your first time purchasing from Decade I recommend picking your 'true' size, or at least not buying final sale lol.

I will likely have to sell these but still giving four stars because the quality is really nice. The cotton is very soft and has that broken-in feeling straight from the package.

New Favorite Pair of Jeans (Careful with Shipping Tho!)

I’ve been on the hunt for jeans (and pants in general) that actually fit. Proportionally, my waist (36in) is small in comparison to my hips/butt (48in). Usually I’d have to deal with gaping at the waist or rely on stretch to accommodate my hips. I ordered a size 36 in Andy, and these jeans fit *perfectly* and feel quality. They definitely need a little breaking in, but I’ve never been more comfortable in a new pair of pants. I’ll definitely be back for more.

My only compliant was that shipping was a little odd. My package jumped from city to city for days without getting any closer, but that could be due to customs or USPS being weird in general. It worried me because the return policy is 14 days from ship date. My pants arrived on the 14th day. Fortunately, they’re great.

Perfect fit!

As someone with wider hips and a smaller waist I’ve always struggled with fit and sizing, even from the “curve” lines of major brands. I’m so glad I tried decade.. not sure I can go back to anything else now. Will definitely be ordering more in the future. I am 5’8, 160 lbs, 30” waist 42-44” hips.. ordered a size 30 and it fit perfectly!

Emily Han
Haven't stopped wearing them

I love these jeans-- they fit the way my mom's perfect vintage non-stretch jeans from the 90s did, but even comfier. I am the type of person who rips their jeans off as soon as they get home but I find myself lounging comfortably in these all day. In terms of sizing -- my waist is anywhere from a 28 - 30 depending on the day and bloat so I split the difference and got the 29-- it is pretty perfectly comfy. I have a bit of extra room around the butt and thighs that sticks out a bit but I imagine that will drape a bit more over time. I would be curious about trying a size down in the future, but am happy with this size for this style.
The material and construction is clearly really thoughtful and well made, I can imagine these jeans will last me a very very long time and I'm excited to see how they break in and mold to my body. Overall, really happy to have these in my closet!